Take Care Cape Cod

Working in partnership CARE for the Cape and Islands and Cape Cod Anti-Litter Coalition, we collaborated on the development of some great artwork focused specifically on recycling bottles and cans.This artwork is the foundation of the campaign and we hope to continue strengthening this brand through a variety of efforts.

MRC and the ABA partnered on a digital awareness campaign that targeted visitors and local business owners on the Cape during the summer for 2021 and 2022. The primary objective was to generate awareness and email signups at the CARE website with a secondary goal of generating downloads, additional engagement and increased followers on the Take Care Cape Cod Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Combined, these messages resulted in over 16 million impressions and 2.75 million unique viewers, with each ad seen an average of 5.8 times by each unique viewer.

In 2023 we took more of a “boots on the ground” approach and partnered with Chatham Anglers, which is 1 of 10 teams in the Cape Cod baseball League. Kicking off the season during the weekend of July 4th, our team of volunteers (Recycling Ambassadors) were decked out in bright orange caps and bibs that utilize the Take Care branding and messaging. This group helped promote awareness by engaging with fans and encouraging them to recycle their bottles and cans while making sure they kept the ballpark free of litter.

New recycling bins, donated by Coca Cola of Cape Cod, were strategically placed around the park and were marked by flowing Take Care banners urging fans to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. The announcers also helped reinforce the message with regular reminders throughout the games and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback! All collected materials were brought to the Chatham transfer station or back to Coca Cola of Cape Cod’s facility, ensuring they would be properly recycled.

Take Care Cape Cod

View the local media bites below that capture the fun environment we experienced: